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About Us


At Skinroom by Mandi registered nurse and skin therapists are fully trained and qualified to the highest standards. Our training is always on-going to provide the best treatment for a competitive price. Our clinic is maintained to a very high standard of cleanliness and excellent customer service is our priority.


"We believe everyone deserves to have healthy skin!"

Hi, I am  Mandy , I have been working as a registered nurse in Australia for 5 years. I studied 3 years at the University of Western Sydney for my Bachelor of Nursing degree, then I started working at nursing homes because I really enjoy bringing happiness to people around me. I also worked as a cosmetic nurse apprentice for 1 year but not long did I realise I like natural methods with long-term effect a lot more than injectables.


During my school years, I experienced 2 long years of complicated skin conditions that tore me apart, and no one could help me. In that experience, it opened me up to find ways to heal myself and now it is my on-going my passion to help others to heal their skin! I fell deeply in love with skincare, skin healing and built a passion in finding solutions for others because I have been there myself. I know how it feels to feel hopeless, different and incomplete due to a certain skin condition, but I truly believe there is always a solution to all problems. A combination of western science with eastern methods from internal to external, correct diet, careful selection of home care products and in conjunction with and skin care plan, surely will take you to the right way of healing. 


After knowing skin healing is my passion, I enrolled into Diploma of Beauty Therapy and Laser and completed fast track and worked in a beauty salon in the city for more experience, I am now able to reach out and help more people, I believe one person's ability is limited but  if we work together we can definitely see improvements.  


I hope to hear from you and start your skin healing journey!

A journey to healthier, more confident you! 

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