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Choose your pricing plan

  • Loyal Bee Membership Plan

    Perfect for returning customers to gain reward points, easy booking and hassle free purchase portal
    Free Plan
    • Get reward points on every SS product purchase
    • Notification on sales and new products
    • Easy booking system via app
    • Quick shop an app so you never get out of stock
    • Every $1 spent you earn 1 reward point
    • Every 50 points you get $1 credit
  • VIP Loyalty Membership Plan

    Every year
    Annual member that will save you 3% EVERY order and more build points to use as credit!
    • You will get automatic 3% off any purchase on Sum Skin range
    • You can start collecting loyalty points to use as credit
    • You can have access to Skincare online classes
    • Every $1 you spend you earn 1 point
    • Every 50 points you get $1 credit for your next SS purchas
  • Family Bundle Annual Membership

    Every year
    Family benefit all the rewards as a group.
    • Earn reward points on your Sum Skin purchases
    • Able to share your account with your family
    • Have access to online classes
    • Instant 3% off every Sum skin Purchase
    • Every $1 is 1 point every 50 points is $1 credit

Membership can be cancelled anytime

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