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"Nice and relaxing! Had an awesome time........ Thank you, you're perfect for my skin :)"

Pooja Sydney NSW

Thanks a lot for your help Mandy. My skin's getting a lot better day by day. Keep the good work & all the best for your career

 Ann Sydney, NSW

"I feel very relaxing every time here. Not only my skin is getting better but also had lots of fun. Always your biggest fan"

 Katie Sydney NSW

Thank you, Mandy, for making my face smooth and hopefully, pimple free haha Love every session here, always calm and relax and..... stresss-free. I'm glad that you are here to take care of my skin and help me prepare my skin for my marriage prep journey. Keep up the good work and smile!!! :) 

 Kristy Sydney NSW

The session was very informative and relaxing. I look more vibrant already! :) 

 Rowena Sydney NSW

"Thank you for your facial, Mandy! (My 2nd time so far) I always feel so relaxed and my face feels great after each session! also love the chats <3<3<3 See you next week :) "

 Ah Nut Sydney NSW 

Good skills! Looking after my skin well!

Koko  Sydney NSW

Mandy, thank you for making me more confident I'm loving my skin now & can't wait after a year!

 Mary Sydney NSW


Thank you sooo much for teaching me how to take care of my skin! It is much better than before. We make great team!! I'm so happy with the changes in my skin! 

Keep up the good work! 

 Faye Sydney NSW

Thanks for taking care of my skin, it has been a great experience and I enjoyed the atmosphere in the studio. I will recommend skinroom to my family and friends! 

 Maria Sydney NSW

I really liked the eyelashes, it looks really natural and it's easy to take care of.

Thanks so much!!

 Sally Sydney NSW

All feedback is from real clients at Skinroom by Mandi 
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