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Gua Sha Signiture Cut Jade
  • Gua Sha Signiture Cut Jade

    All you need for completing your skincare routine is our Signiture cut Natural Gua Sha Jade, complimenting your products, allowing your skin to fully absorb every step of your routine.

    Gua Sha technique was brought back from the old Dynasty in China, where all beauty routinuely performs Gua Sha to boost blood circulation, lift and sharpen facial features with no down time or side effects.


    The cool touch of the jade helps to relieve muscle tension and may assist in deswelling morning puffiness, making your best friend if you have swelling condition.


    The signiture cut makes it multi functional for all areas of the face, easily gliding in small areas like the inner eye area and can cover large like cheeks


    Comes with a soft pocket to ensure it is safe when not in use.

    Every Gua Sha colour and pattern is uniquely formed by itself, so no other is the same. Colour can be different from the photos.

      $48.00 Regular Price
      $38.00Sale Price
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